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I was sabotaged! Thank you very much

The morning before Election Day I eagerly go to my computer to post my newest and last blog regarding the fight against SB 5. Computer is working fine, I do some last-minute polishing of a piece I have been working … Continue reading

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The People of Ohio Speak Up for the Middle Class

  The people of Ohio stood up and said to Gov. Kasich and the Republican controlled legislature in a loud and clear voice, “We are mad as hell and we aren’t going to take it anymore!” The referendum on SB 5 … Continue reading

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Opponents of “Vote No on Issue 2” stoop to new low

What State Issue 2 actually does is it takes away the rights and voices of those who faithfully serve our communities and state. It unfairly shifts the balance and all the power to management and virtually leaves the workers without a voice. Let us call this bill what it really is—an attempt to break the backs of the unions and it is supported by big business and corporations here and elsewhere in this country. Continue reading

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